Where it all began

I suppose I could say it all started when I was a kid and my Mom took me to a sewing class one summer at the local fabric shop. I remember that we got to make a skirt and shirt for ourselves, and I remember that I chose pink and white gingham for the shirt to remind me of the bedding I’d had as a little kid. I don’t remember if I ever finished the project, or wore it? But I distinctly remember the joy of picking out the fabric.

So I guess that really was the beginning – of an obsession with fabric if not any talent for sewing with it!

In junior high I made bedding for my new room – and kept it all the way through college. In high school I helped make costumes for a play, though I seem to remember stitching up the sleeve holes on those, so perhaps they aren’t the best advertisement for sewing either!

I think when it really all began was when my oldest daughter was a toddler and I made her a Halloween costume:

And that was of course followed by as many dresses as I could make her – for Christmas, Easter, sundresses. She was a flower girl three times one summer, and twice more two years later. By then I was hooked!

I knew that I couldn’t support this “habit” only sewing clothes for my daughters (by this time there were two of them) so I went into business making dresses and little skirt sets.

I started out on Ebay six years and two more daughters ago! Though the four of them definitely keep me busy, I still very much enjoy keeping this “habit” afloat as a business.

Moving into this new phase of business (a stand alone website) is exciting and a little bit scary for me – web design is not as easy as clothing design! But I look forward to stocking the store, and I’ll probably keep my little shop open on etsy as well. Who knows, maybe I’ll come full circle and be back on ebay one day!


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